Portmagee Whiskey

Portmagee Whiskey. Spirit of The Sea

Portmagee Whiskey is a nine Year Old Irish Whiskey blended from from Thirteen Year Old Single Malt and Nine Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskeys which have been married and finished in Barbados Rum Casks.

This highly collectable limited edition Irish Whiskey is available in limited releases and may be tasted at The Moorings Hotel, Bridge Bar and from The Fisherman’s Pub in Portmagee.

It is also available to buy in selected pubs, hotels and off licences in Kerry and Ireland.

Portmagee Whiskey may also be purchased online for delivery world wide.

Full details of where to buy Portmagee Whiskey are on our website at PortmageeWhiskey.com.

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Portmagee County Kerry IE
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